We prepare your child for the world.
School-Time is a therapeutic school preparatory program for children with autism, Asperger’s, ADHD and other special needs who possess sitting tolerance, waiting skills and no disruptive behaviors. We will help them transition smoothly into formal schooling by orientating them to classroom routines and facilities. Each child would have his/her own IEP and therapist. They will undergo the program in an environment that includes all elements of a typical classroom, focusing on strengthening existing academic skills of reading, writing, spoken language and numeracy.

In a small group of six (matched according to their age and abilities), these these center-based tutorials (2 hours per session) are designed to ensure that they can complete their homework assignments from school, prepare for upcoming tests/exams and adapt to life in mainstream schools. Upon screening and assessment, enrolled students are assigned into one of the following three classes for best interaction and learning opportunities:

Little Apprentices: This is for early learners who are at an introductory level in the intervention process. The program focuses on learning readiness skills, exploring toys and engaging in parallel play.

Early Achievers: This is for intermediate learners are children who demonstrate various language and learning skills, but who continues to require the development of additional learner skills such as classroom routines, group instructions, self-help activities and natural environmental teaching.
Young Victors: This is for advanced learners who seek to acquire advanced language and social skills (i.e. Perspective taking skills, advance conversational skills,) and the qualities to bridge skill acquisition into new experiences (i.e. grooming activities, community training).
We also provide intervention services for children with autism, ADHD and other special needs in a mainstream school or nursery environment. Our therapists will assist your child to pay attention to teachers, socialize with their peers and learn the academic lessons taught to them.
Our goal is for the child to adapt as quickly as possible to the mainstream school environment and function as independent as possible.

In addtion, we provide tuition program for special needs children who are attending school. As children with autism or ADHD grow older, their needs change. For example, some parents have chosen to reduce 1:1 therapy sessions due to schooling but the child may still require support. The tuition service can help when it comes to emotional-behavior regulation or troubleshooting difficult schoolwork.

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